Miscellanous - Irene Cantalejo


This is the section where the customer buys a vinyl/fabric/ or an image that can be used in their branding.

If you've reached this section of the website, I'm going to tell you that it's my favourite!

That drawer that we all have, where everything that is not standard has a place, the real way to let our imagination fly and in this case, to DO IT TOGETHER!!!

In the previous sections of the on-line shop, you have access to the purchase of ORIGINAL WORKS and PRINTS, both in serialised versions, which are produced in very limited editions, as well as editions without serial numbers. In both cases we use high quality natural supports such as linen, cotton..., faithfully preserving the format in which each work was born.

Miscelaneus is born as an option to be much more versatile in supports, admitting fabrics of various conditions, for example, in size, since in many cases there is the option of "cloning" and obtaining repeated motifs, starting from a specific work-design, to obtain the continuity that could suggest a tapestry, or even to specify the work, changing the support and size, as in the case of decorative vinyls. Even from my experience as an illustrator, I want to bring my painting closer to the world of design and propose the use of images created by me, in fields as varied as the creation and design of labels, branding, etc.

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