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Miscellanous - Irene Cantalejo


This section contains a catalogue of my work available for sale.

It allows anyone interested to get to know me through the original work. Shapes, textures, colours, even the techniques used are detailed, with the sole purpose of giving the opportunity for a slow decision of acquisition.

I am extremely careful every time I start to paint, I make preliminary sketches, I imagine the sensation that the visualisation of the work will inspire, I select the support paper, canvas and even the format, all in the search for a perfect harmony in the world of sensations.

However, the work does not end here. The original work is democratised to offer certain variants, in which the public has a great capacity to adapt the creation to their taste or needs. Thus, alongside the originals, we also offer Prints serialised and non-serialised prints, which are reproductions on various supports and formats, such as watercolour paper, air-free vinyl, and where the limit is often the imagination of the buyer (see the section Miscelaneous ).

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